Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crochet-Along: Seamus Scally Cap (Win 3 Patterns!)

I thought it would be fun to do a Crochet-Along, and since Father's Day is coming up, why not make Scally Cap's for the men in our lives while competing for a prize; 3 crochet patterns!  I've never ran a Crochet-Along before, but there's a first time for everything!

Here's how it'll work:

The Crochet-Along will run from Thursday May 31st, to Friday June 15th.  During this period, you can create, embellish and  photograph your creation(s).  Post the photo of your Scally Cap to my Facebook Page.  On the 16th I will select the top Entries. I'll be judging based on Creativity, Quality, Presentation and your photo's Popularity. (You don't have to be a photographer, but make sure that your photo showcases your hat's beauty).  I'd also love to see matching accessories!  On June 16th, once I pick the top 3 entries, we'll go into the voting stage.  Details on that when we near the 16th.  And, the winner will receive 3 crochet patterns from my collection!
Before we begin, you'll need the Seamus Scally Cap Pattern which can be found here: Child Sizes. Adult Sizes.  You can use the Adult pattern, the Child pattern, or both (the only condition is you'll need to showcase both hats in the same photo).  

 Let the crocheting commence! 

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